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Solarize Tarrytown

Tarrytown Village Seal- V2Thank you for your interest in Solarize Tarrytown. This program is now CLOSED.

Solarize Tarrytown is a unique program that uses a tiered-pricing structure, town-supported education and outreach and one competitively selected installer to offer quality solar electric systems to homeowners and commercial property owners. The more residents sign up for Solarize, the more the cost comes down.

Thanks to Solarize Tarrytown, 29 homes in Tarrytown will be generating their own solar power in coming months. These 29 homes together represent 189 kW of installed solar power capacity and will produce clean, renewable energy, significantly reducing the homeowners’ electric bills and reducing demand from the electric grid. More than 175 homeowners requested information about the opportunity to install solar, and installers conducted more than 45 site visits to evaluate homes’ solar potential.

Congratulations, Tarrytown!

Click here to view the fun and comprehensive video prepared by Phoebe Neilsen, grant prize winner of the Students Go Solar Contest sponsored by Tarrytown Environmental Council (TEAC) and Solarize Tarrytown! Congratulations, Phoebe! Scroll down to see other student entries into the contest…

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“The Solarize Tarrytown campaign is one of those rare opportunities to both do well and do good at the same time. How often do we get the chance to both save money and help the environment? And, to make things even better, the Solarize campaign will enable Tarrytown residents and businesses to both tap into expert advice that is otherwise unavailable and to gain the substantial financial benefits provided by group purchasing. I encourage every home and business owner in the village to look closely at Solarize Tarrytown to see if they can take advantage of this fantastic program.”Mayor Drew Fixell, Village of Tarrytown

Kids Speak up for Solar: Photo Gallery!
The Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Council (TEAC) and Solarize Tarrytown invited school age student residents to create age-appropriate materials to represent the need for sustainable energy, how solar energy works, and its benefits. Materials included posters and videos to highlight the benefits of solar energy. Each student with a winning entry received a Solarize Tarrytown Certificate at Warner Library on Monday evening, February 8. Special awards were presented to two student entries from each school. Scroll down to see a gallery of the winning entries and the students who made them, a selection of other entries, and more!

Scroll down for more photos of Solarize Tarrytown events!


Upcoming Events

This program is now closed.

How Solarize Works

1. Schedule a no obligation site visit to see if your home is right for solar.

2. Get your discounted solar installation price quote.

3. Sign a contract to have your new solar panels installed.

4. Save on your monthly electric bill for years to come.

Solarize FAQs for Homeowners

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Get Solarize in Tarrytown

Solarize Tarrytown PROGRAM FLYER

SUNRUN has been selected as the official residential installer of Solarize Tarrytown. To get a free, no obligation solar assessment please contact SUNRUN:

Visit the SUNRUN website
or call them at 914-458-5122.

Best Energy Power has been selected as the official commercial installer of Solarize Tarrytown. To get a free, no obligation solar assessment please contact Best Energy Power:

Visit the Best Energy Power website
or call them at 914 861 4685.

How You Can Help
If you’d like to volunteer to help Solarize Tarrytown, email or phone (914) 631-1785.

Check out the Toolkit for resources to help spread the word!
Toolkit for Volunteers

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