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Solarize Campaign FAQs

Q.  How are communities selected?

A. Communities will submit a Request for Information (RFI) to become a Solarize Community, which will be selected on their ability to demonstrate:

  • Community commitment to clean energy and sustainability, such as adoption of the New York State Uniform Solar Permit and removal of prohibitive zoning barriers to solar installations are important to supporting growth of the local solar market.
  • Project leadership to promote the campaign and to coordinate a committed team of project volunteers for creative outreach and for partnerships in the community.
  • Powerful resources and communication channels, such as such as a local paper, radio station, Patch, community website, community-wide e-mails and other community events or resources that will promote Solarize Westchester.
  • Physical characteristics of the community that are particularly well suited for solar (e.g., have areas with little shading, abundance of south facing roofs, sufficient land for ground-mounted systems) and have sufficient rates of home or small business ownership sufficient to support interest in considering solar installations.

Q. How are installers selected?

A. Each selected Solarize Community will pre-select qualified solar contractors for both residential and commercial installation systems. Contractors will respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) and a selection team from Solarize Westchester and the community will choose the installer that is best suited for that community.

All solar contractors must be eligible NYSERDA PV contractors qualified to provide state incentives, have demonstrated experience with installing solar in Westchester County, provide reference for their work and proof of insurance, and hold a Westchester County Home Improvement license. Commercial contractors must be able to provide PACE financing. In addition to strong credentials, contractors will be selected based on the marketing plan and pricing structure that they offer the community.

Q. When can I buy solar through the Campaign?

A. Once the Solarize Communities and installers are chosen, a launch event will be held to announce the beginning of the campaign in the selected community, which will last 18 weeks.

Q.   When will I know the final price of my solar system?

A. During the campaign, the installer will visit your home and give you a price quote for your installation. This price will be the maximum price you will pay; however, as the Campaign continues in your community and more people sign up, the price of everyone’s system will drop. The final price will be known at the end of the campaign.