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Thank you for your interest in Solarize Bedford-Mt Kisco. This program is now CLOSED for Residential (home) contracts. Commercial (includes Business, Multi-family Residential with more than 4 units, Non-profit and Institutional properties) contracts may be signed until August 31, 2015; please contact the selected Commercial installer listed to the right, Sunrise Solar Solutions.

If you have any questions about Solarize Westchester’s past or current programs, please contact Nina Orville at

Solarize Bedford-Mt Kisco is a unique discount buying program that uses a tiered-pricing structure, town-supported education and outreach and one competitively selected installer to dramatically reduce the cost of solar. The more residents sign up for Solarize, the more the cost comes down. The Residential portion of this program ended June 15, 2015.


BM Summit 20150131 MayorSup_0004  “We’re delighted to be partnering with Mount Kisco in our joint participation in the Solarize Westchester Campaign. Leveraging the Solarize model, residents and local businesses in both Bedford and Mount Kisco have a great opportunity to realize significant cost savings through solar energy use. The increased use of clean solar energy will boost the Town’s progress in its environmental goals of reduced emissions. The Bedford Town Board is enthusiastic about the Solarize Campaign and will continue to provide its support throughout the campaign.” –Supervisor Chris Burdick, Town of Bedford

BM Summit 20150131Mayor_0005  “We look forward to working with the Solarize Westchester team and our partners in Bedford to substantially increase solar installations, drive economic activity and reduce emissions in our community.” –Mayor J. Michael Cindrich, Village of Mount Kisco


Over 40 residents attended the Solarize Workshop on April 9 at Bedford Hills Community House, co-hosted by Bedford Hills Library, Bedford Hills Lions Club and Bedford Hills Neighborhood Association:

BM Weidmann2 Use_1497
Solar home: Andrew Weidmann, Mt. Kisco

“I don’t pay for electricity for 10 months of the year. During the other two months — usually December, January or February — it’s less than it was before solar.  Two years of solar has saved at least $3,000 in our electric costs. I like that my kids are growing up with solar panels and it’s a normal part of their lives.”  —Andrew Weidmann, Mt. Kisco

Alison Lloyd, Bedford
Solar home: Lloyd Trufelman and Allison Chernow

“If anyone asks me about solar, I say yes absolutely do it! Our electric bills are almost nothing and that includes the electric car, the air conditioning, everything. I get satisfaction about saving money. But when I read about climate change, I get satisfaction knowing that my house is not contributing to climate change, and knowing that we’re not contributing to dependence on foreign oil.”
—Lloyd Truf elman and Allison Chernow,Katonah, NY

Executive Director Brian Skanes shows off the Club’s commercial installation of solar panels.
Executive Director Brian Skanes shows off the Club’s commercial installation of solar panels.

“We are very happy with our solar plant because it is working well, it is efficient, and it will eventually save the Boys’ and Girls’ Club a considerable amount on our electricity costs. We financed the solar plant through NYSERDA together with a loan from our electricity supplier, expecting a payback in around 10 years. The plant has generated so much more electricity than expected that we are paying no more for electricity than before, and we are on track to pay back the solar loan and start reducing our costs of electricity by about 20% within 6 to 7 years.
—Brian P. Skanes, Executive Director
Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester, Mt. Kisco, NY

Slide presentation by Stephan Hartmann, Ross Solar, at Solarize Bedford-Mt Kisco launch event, Bedford2020 Summit, Jan. 31, 2015: OB Launch 20150129 RossSolar StephanHartmann
Slide presentation by Nina Orville, Abundant Efficiency, at Solarize Bedford-Mt Kisco launch event, Bedford2020 Summit, Jan. 31, 2015: OB LaunchEvent 20150129 SolarizeW NinaOrville

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Ross Solar Group LLC has been selected as the official residential installer of Solarize Bedford-Mt Kisco. To get a free, no obligation home solar assessment please contact Ross Solar Group LLC:

Visit the Ross Solar Group LLC website
or call (203) 512-4500 ext. 2.

Sunrise Solar Solutions has been selected as the official commercial installer of Solarize Bedford-Mt Kisco. To get a free, no obligation solar assessment please contact Sunrise Solar Solutions:

Visit the Sunrise Solar Solutions website
or call (914) 762-7622.

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If you’d like to volunteer to help Solarize Lewisboro-Pound Ridge, email Scott Fernqvist, Chair, Pound Ridge Energy Action Committee at or Robert Fischman, Member, Lewisboro Sustainability Committee at

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