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Solarize Community Request for Information (RFI)

NEW round of Solarize Westchester open for applications from Westchester County municipalities!
IMPORTANT DATE: Community applications DUE November 9, 2017

The Solarize Westchester Team requests submissions from Westchester County communities including cities, towns, villages or coalitions of towns and/or villages to participate in Solarize Westchester Campaigns launching in February of 2018 and completing in June 2018. The Solarize Westchester Team will select up to four (4) communities (or coalitions of communities) to participate in this round of campaigns. Coalitions of two to three towns and/or villages may jointly submit one application. Applications will be evaluated competitively.

Once selected, communities will work with the Program Manager, to choose a PV installer through a separate Request for Proposal (“RFP”) process issued by Sustainable Westchester. The selected PV installer(s) will provide, at a minimum, competitive pricing, free site visits, collaboration in community outreach, and installation services. Each community and selected installer, with support from the Solarize Westchester Campaign Team, will develop and implement a 14-week community outreach campaign between approximately February and June 2018 with the goal of dramatically increasing the number of existing solar PV installations in each community.

If you would like your community to participate, encourage your community’s leaders to complete a Request for Information (RFI), which can be found below. To be eligible for the selection process communities must submit an application by November 9th, 2017 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Please click on the links below to download the RFI (PDF) and Attachments A and B (which are in Word format for ease of completion):

Solarize Community RFI – Round 4

Solarize Community RFI – Round 4 – Attachment A
Solarize Community RFI – Round 4 – Attachment B

We encourage interested communities to contact Nina Orville at or tel: 914-6936222 or Nicola Coddington at or 914-231-5094. They will provide guidance regarding the RFI process and answer any questions regarding the Solarize program.

Answers to questions that have been submitted about the RFI will be posted below.

Note: Solarize Westchester can be tailored for large employers and organizations with many members in addition to being offered to municipalities.

If you are interested in getting additional information about the Solarize Westchester Campaigns please see the About/Solarize Campaign FAQs page.