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Solar Is Now Accessible To Everyone!

A local resident or business subscribes to a portion of the electricity produced by the solar installation, based on their electric usage.

The solar installation generates and delivers electricity into the local electric grid, producing bill credits which are distributed to subscribers.

Each month subscribers receive the credits on their electric bills, reducing their electricity charges, and are billed at a discount to the value of the credits.

For ConEd customers

For NYSEG customers

Solar Benefits for All

Community Solar allows all utility customers – homeowners, renters, businesses, non-profits and municipalities – to easily participate in solar regardless of their ability to install a solar array on their own property. 

  • NO solar installation on your property

Community Solar Subscription Terms

Going Solar the Easy Way!
Sustainable Westchester’s Community Solar for All program will provide subscribers with a range of subscription options.
Our first project, Montrose Community Solar, offers the following:

  • Guaranteed Savings: Up to 10% off your electricity bill.
  • No cost to join!
  • Simple: Signing up takes 5 minutes.
  • Cancellation: No cancellation fees at any time.

Community Solar Launch!

For ConEd customers

For NYSEG customers

Frequently Asked Questions

You can offset up to 100% of your electric kWh charges. A community solar subscription will charge you a discounted price for utility bill credits you receive. Typically, a subscriber will receive bill credits for 80-90% of expected electrical usage to allow for variations in production and usage and ensure that all bill credits received can be used by the subscriber.

The solar project generates electricity throughout the year, and each month, members will receive their portion of the electricity in the form of bill credits which will offset charges on their electric bill. After the credits offset your electric bill, subscribers pay the project host for the credits at a discount. As solar production varies seasonally, more bill credits are likely to be received during the summer when production is highest. Excess bill credits during times of peak production can be applied to future electric bills.

Yes, your current electric service will not be interrupted and you will still receive your electricity from the utility as you do now.

Yes! Community solar projects provide local jobs and financial savings on community members’ electricity bills – keeping more cash within your community. In addition, they reduce the amount of energy required from nuclear and fossil fuel plants, improving our energy security, and air quality.

Homeowners, renters, non-profits, and most businesses with an active utility account can participate. Participating members must be located in the same utility territory and same NYISO load zone as the solar installation. Fill out the form on the sign-up page to find out if there is an available community solar project in your area.

When you sign up, your name will be added to a list of interested people – we’ll alert you about new community solar opportunities as soon as they are available!

Subscribers are allocated a portion of the energy produced from the community solar installation.