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Solarize Westchester: Current Program

Solarize Westchester is a public-private partnership designed to make residential and small commercial solar energy systems more accessible and affordable for homeowners and commercial property owners in Westchester County. Through the Solarize campaigns, the Solarize Westchester Team assists local communities and organizations in selecting solar photovoltaic (“PV”) installers through a vetted and competitive process and then supports robust solar education and outreach efforts.
Solarize Westchester is offered by the following partners committed to promoting sustainability and community outreach: Sustainable Westchester (Sponsor) and Abundant Efficiency (Administrator).

Prior to each round of campaigns, the Solarize Westchester Team requests submissions from Westchester County communities, including cities, towns, villages or coalitions of towns and/or villages. Large employers or other organizations with many members in Westchester County are considered as well. Applications are evaluated competitively.
Once selected, the communities/organizations work with the Program Administrator to competitively select a PV installer through a separate Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The selected PV installer(s) provide, at a minimum, competitive pricing, free site visits, collaboration in community outreach, and installation services. Each community or organization and its selected installer, with support from the Solarize Westchester Campaign Team, develop and implement a time limited community outreach campaign with the goal of dramatically increasing the number of existing solar PV installations in each community.

As of year-end 2017, the program has resulted in close to 500 solar installations totaling almost 5 megawatts of installed capacity from eleven completed campaigns.


Solarize Westchester 2015-2016: History

Solarize Westchester, was with funding from NYSERDA under the $1 billion NY-Sun initiative from 2015-2016. The program was created to address inefficiencies in existing zoning, permitting, and in customer acquisition – all of which add considerably to the cost of solar installations in Westchester and elsewhere in New York State.
The Solarize Westchester comprised two program components during this period:

  • Solarize Campaigns – designed to significantly increase residential and commercial solar installations in selected communities through time-limited market aggregation campaigns with competitively selected PV installers. The first round of four Solarize Westchester campaigns launched January-February 2015 and concluded in June 2015 while the second round of four campaigns launched in October 2015 and concluded in April 2016.
  • Solar-Friendly Permitting and Zoning – designed to lower permitting and zoning barriers to PV installations via direct interactions with local governments’ building departments and elected officials.

A full description and analysis of the 2015-2016 Solarize Westchester program is available here. For additional information please contact:
Nina Orville, Principal
Abundant Efficiency

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