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Solarize Croton-Cortlandt is now closed. 

Thanks to Solarize Croton-Cortlandt, 41 homes in the Village of Croton and the Town of Cortlandt will be generating their own solar power in the coming months—and some already are! Solarize Croton-Cortlandt, which launched in March 2018, is a community program created to encourage the growth and adoption of solar power by lowering the cost and simplifying the process.

These 41 homes will produce a combined 300 kW of clean, renewable energy, significantly reducing the homeowners’ electric bills and reducing demand from the electric grid. Solarize keeps solar affordable by using group-discounted pricing, which increases the savings for community members. Over 200 homeowners requested information about the opportunity to install solar during the campaign, although many were unable to take advantage of the opportunity due to factors such as heavy shade, roof orientation, roof condition, etc. The solar workshops conducted throughout the program helped to broaden community awareness of the benefits of solar energy.

Congratulations to the hard-working volunteers on the Solarize Croton-Cortlandt team for their great work in getting the word out!

“I am proud that the Village of Croton-on-Hudson has been selected for a second time to participate in the Solarize Westchester program. This is a great opportunity for our residents to take advantage of affordable solar power and add to the value of their homes. As we are asked to think globally and act locally, I urge our community to join in this grassroots effort against climate change.” —Brian Pugh, Mayor of Croton-on-Hudson

“I am proud that the Town of Cortlandt will partner with the Village of Croton-on-Hudson for the second time to participate in the Solarize Westchester program. This is a great opportunity for our residents to take advantage of affordable solar power and for the Town to work with our partners to help combat climate change and continue to be a regional leader in promoting sustainability and solar energy.” – Linda D. Puglisi, Supervisor, Town of Cortlandt

“We had solar installed on our roof four years ago. The installation was seamless and done exactly as represented to us.  Now, because of the savings we’ve had, the system has nearly paid for itself. Going forward we’ll be generating electricity at no cost (there’s only a monthly transmission fee of about $17 from Con Ed), and the system has a guaranteed life of 25 years. That means for the next 21 years, at least, we’ll be receiving nearly free and guaranteed electricity. Not to mention the carbon offset, this is a total win!” – Justin and Lee Casson, Croton-on-Hudson solar homeowners

Solarize Croton-Cortlandt events

Program is now closed.

How Solarize Works

1. Schedule a no obligation site visit to see if your home is right for solar.

2. Get your discounted solar installation price quote.

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4. Save on your monthly electric bill for years to come.

Solarize FAQs for Homeowners

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Get Solarize in Croton & Cortlandt

Solar Liberty has been selected as the official residential and commercial installer of Solarize Croton-Cortlandt. To get a free, no obligation solar assessment please contact Solar Liberty:

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How You Can Help

If you’d like to volunteer to help Solarize Croton-Cortlandt, email or phone (914) 231-5094.